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How do I make a complaint to Google?

How do I make a complaint to Google?


Google is a mighty tech company with almost 4.5 billion users across the globe, and the company provides a wide range of products and services, such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, and other services. Even after such a popular company, many users are looking for how do I make a complaint to Google because they face issues like lags or glitches, technical faults, and many more. 


Various methods to make a Complaint to Google


Getting direct help from a big company is a big task, but below you will find some of the most effective and easy methods to file a complaint against the company.


File a complaint through Complaint Form

The best way to file a complaint is to file the complaint and feedback, as it will help you to share the experience of using google products and services. Ensure you follow the steps precisely to file a complaint against the company.


  • Land on the official google support website.

  • Hit the menu button and select the contact tab.

  • Choose the complaint and feedback form from the list.

  • Fill out the form by providing details such as your name, contact information, and the problem you are facing. 

  • After submitting the form, you will get the solutions to your query from a live company representative.


Make a complaint through Phone Number

You can also report a complaint against the company by calling their customer service number and asking for assistance. Follow the steps to get connected with the representative.


  • Dial the verified helpdesk number of the company at 1-800-419-0157

  • Make sure you select the language you are comfortable speaking with customer service.

  • After choosing the language, automated voice command will request you to press the digits on your dial's pad according to your problem.

  • Pay attention to the voice command and hit the digit which suits your problem the most.

  • At last, when you get connected with the representative, they will help you in the best possible manner.


Write Complaint through Email - Another best option to make a complaint is writing an email to the company's official email address. One can find the official email address on the Google support page. Else can use this email address in@google.com to send your queries and ask for solutions. Remember that getting a revert from the customer service of Google through email may take extra time than using the other modes. 


All the ways mentioned above or modes will help the users to find answers to how do I make a complaint to Google in a very simple and easy way. You can also use the chat option and social media to get in touch with the company's customer service and seek help.

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