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Terms of Service

While using Answerspoint.com website you come to know about different terms & condition which you have to go through it and have to work according to it when you start using this site first time.

Usage/Services of Answerspoint.com

You agree with this point that you will use Answerspoint.com only for valid purpose or work and you will use it in this way so that there is no harm or loss of rights or property of anyone else, there should be no problem for others to look or use the Answerspoint.com site. These problems include like misbehaving with others, creating tension or nervousness, sending any sort of vulgar or dirty materials on the site and etc.

Participation in Answerspoint.com

If you send any written material or pictures on Answerspoint.com question-answer portal or for any advertisement purpose or if you do any partnership for this then you agree with this point that Answerspoint.com can use these documents without doing any kind of payment and can also send these documents to any third party.

  • We usually publish or illuminate your name with your materials i.e.(question, answer, comment, advertisement).
  • When you are collecting the materials to send it on Answerspoint.com then it’s are humble request that you don’t put yourself as well as others in any sort of trouble or problem, do not take unwanted risks or do not break any law.
  • If you do not agree to give these rights to Answerspoint.com then you please don’t send your documents or materials to Answerspoint.com.
  • If you are having any questions regarding send any material then you please read the answers (FAQ) of the questions asked generally about the Answerspoint.com.

Rule of participate in community.

You agree and obey with the following rules and regulations to take part in Answerspoint.com (question-answer and comment).

1. About your post

  • Your material should be polished, clean and interesting.
  • It should not be disruptive, aggressive and of vulgar nature: Material should be polite and something creative and its purpose should not be to create any sort of problem.
  • It should not be illegal and unexceptional: illegal, vulgar, dirty, rough, and related with sex, intimidatory, creating caste & creed and any sort of unexceptional material will not be considered.
  • Have patience: it may happen that in the Answerspoint.com activity peoples of any age and ability may participate.
  • Do not send any material different from spam or the subject: we do not give permit to send same material again and again or similar to that material. Do not send your opinion on any one subject more than one time. Or do not send material different from the subject.
  • Send the advertisement or add material by advertise with us method.
  • Do not use any aggressive or vulgar user name.
  • The use of URL(Name of website) can only be done when the material is related with it.

2. Your account on Answerspoint.com

If you use your login to create any sort of problem or inconvenience for any person or if in a congregational/communal function then a strict action will be taken towards your account.

The all accounts of Answerspoint.com should be registered only with a valid personal e-mail address by which we will be able to send the questions-answers or any reply related with your subject on the account by you. The account made on any other person name or any unauthorized account will be made closed without giving any information. If any reader is using an e-mail which is not valid then we can say him to confirm his account.

3. Security

It’s our suggestion that in any case of Answerspoint.com please do not give any personal information about any other person.

4. If your age is below 16

Before taking part in question-answers of Answerspoint.com you firstly please get consulted/permission with your parents and elders.

Do not give any personal information of any other person to anyone else. For e.g. - school name, telephone number, your full name, home address and your e-mail address.

5. If you break any rule & regulation

While taking part in any congregational/communal activity of Answerspoint.com if you do violation or contravention of any of the rule then we will contact you through which you will get the information that why your material is not being used or why it has been rejected.

Through this it can also happen that without been checked your material may not be attached with the paper or you may be banned in taking part in any activity of answerspoint.com.

If you send any aggressive or unexceptional material or if you create any sort of problem in answerspoint.com or if you try to do it again and again then answerspoint.com will take it as a serious note and it use the information given by you to answerspoint.com to stop you.

This may include of giving the information to your school or e-mail provider.

Answerspoint.com gives you the authority or permission that at any time you can remove any material from the website, or at any time of any reason you can claim about any other account.

General Information

  • If according to the law of any state or country if there is any illegal in these rules, is invalid or it doesn’t seemed to be applied then that parts will be removed from list of rules and the rest part will be considered as impactful.
  • If answerspoint.com delays in applying its rights according to those rules then by this also its rights are not going to be finished.
  • The use of answerspoint.com depends on the rules, terms & conditions of India which can be read on the basis of Indian constitution and it also comes in the limit of Indian court.

To whom we send e-mail and when:

For the registered users

  • We send our e-mail to that member, when questions, answers, comment, or like or vote is related with his subject.
  • When we make reports on the website then, in the given time period the related members keep the point of the questions asked by them, as well as the given answers , comments, likes etc.
  • For the verification of the e-mail address.

For the registered users

  • We send the e-mail to our customers at the time, when there is a click on the advertisement of their business add through our website.
  • When we make report on the website then, at the given time period then the related customer comes to know about the click on his business link.
  • When your advertisement package is about to be finished.
  • For the verification of the e-mail address.

Important points regarding advertisement

  • We can stop your advertisement at any time without giving any information for some days.. it depends on how your advertisement package.
  • We can make any changes whenever at any time in the advertisement package like (cost, validity, rule for click), and for this answerpoint.com is fully free and allowed to do so.