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Privacy of policy

If you are using the services of answerspoint.com then answerspoint.com is commited for all the private/personal or secret informations of all your family members as well as yours.

To provide all the services of answerspoint.com, much of the times we have to collect all the informations of our customers.

When the customers provide/give us all the information then it is our legal debt that we use only the general information and keep all your private information safely.

In this website the links of other websites are also given. answerspoint.com is not responsible for the any other sorts of materials given by the other sites. You use those materials according to your need and purpose.

What are the informations that the answerspoint.com needs?

When you come on the website of answerspoint.com and start using its services, like - questions, answers, informations about career, your opinion and advertisements regarding business purpose then we ask the informations from our customers. These informations include your name, e-mail, postal address, date of birth, telephone or mobile no. and also your photo.

By giving informations on the desired place i.e. where the informations are needed you give us the permission to allow you to use the services?

Answerspoint.com also uses the services of cookie. Cookie infact is a text file by which your computer system is able to remember our server. Cookie in itself does not know any user, it only knows about the computer system. Mostly sites use it so that they may come to know that how many people’s have looked into their sites. The work of cookie is to just give the information that how many pages you have opened or seen and till how much time you stay or work on that page. The computer system has the facility that if you set it then it will remember all your cookies or otherwise it will not consider any of the cookies. And by this way we also collect the IP address. IP address is a number that can recognize any tool or device of any computer system or the internet.

We also use your IP address to know that from where you are working or looking on our website.

If your age is 16 or below it then before giving your personal information to the answerspoint.com firstly you please get consult with your parents or elders and only then give your informations. Without getting consult or conformity you are not allowed to give the information.

How will answerspoint.com use the informations given by me?

The answerspoint.com uses in various ways the information given by you to the answerspoint.com, in which services management are also included. This means that the purposes for which you have registered yourself to the answerspoint.com, then we can contact to you.

We keep all your informations secretive and confidential until there is no use of it and until it is legal or legitimate.

If you send any aggressive, abusive, unworthy, or any unexceptionable material on the answerspoint.com or if you do any misbehave then to stop your this behaviour we will have to use your private or personal information.

Till when answerspoint.com will keep the information with itself given from me?

We will keep your information with us only till then when the related services need them. If you are using the website of answerspoint.com then your informations are kept unless and until there is need of that information.