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How Soon Should an Eye Doctor Recommend You for Cataract Surgery in Delhi

How Soon Should an Eye Doctor Recommend You for Cataract Surgery in Delhi?

Healing Touch Eye Centre is one of the most prominent destinations for cataract surgery. The experts at Healing Touch say that if a person is suffering from cataracts. The doctors may not immediately recommend treatment. Because surgery is the last option when it starts affecting the ability to see. But at the early stage, the cataract can be treated with medication. Some people can have cataracts for years. Or even decades and they do not even realize they have cataracts until it affects their vision.

How Soon Should an Eye Doctor recommend You for Cataract Surgery in Delhi

How cataract occurs 

Before moving ahead let’s know how it occurs. So, according to Dr Piyush Kapoor, an eye specialist in Delhi- when the natural and usually clear lens of your eye becomes cloudy. When Proteins and fibres in the lens begin to break down. Causing the lens to turn cloudy mainly occurs as a side effect of ageing or because of some inherited genetic conditions. Cataracts can also occur because of diabetes, corticosteroid use, and traumatic eye damage.

They also manage to form gradually over many years or decades. Cataracts can ultimately cause blindness when left untreated. Type of visual symptoms in cataracts are:

  • •Blurry vision
  • Difficulty seeing in low light
  • Light sensitivity
  • Intense glare
  • Halos around light sources
  • Decreased ability to see any contrast between colours
  • Double vision in one eye
When to get the cataract removed?

Experts at Healing Touch Eye Centre say we have to check all the dimensions. And make sure that eye surgery is done when it is ideally required. We recommend surgery for cataract  patients when:

  • •They face difficulty in managing their day-to-day activities.
  • Are uncomfortable while driving at night
  • Are not able to perform all kinds of outdoor activities
  • And their occupational activities also get affected by any chance.

The main objective is to achieve a healthy vision and ensure there is no hold on achieving it. But the medical condition also plays a vital role in this process so.

  • •If patients already facing vision issues, for instance, having blurred vision then cataract surgery is suggested.
  • If there is total vision loss or the person is unable to do anything then surgery is considered critical.
  • If both eyes are having cataracts then surgeries take place several weeks apart.
  • Surgery for both eyes is not recommended as there are chances of complications, especially infection.

Doctors recommend winter as an adequate time for cataract surgery as the climate can help to a quick recovery. But it is not severe, all you need to understand is if the vision is getting unduly blurred and your day-to-day activities get hampered, then have the cataract surgery as soon as possible. How Soon Should an Eye Doctor Recommend You for Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Although it depends on your experience when you want to have cataract surgery. An eye doctor can make suggestions on a timeline according to your experience about how the vision impacts your life.

Why choose Healing Touch:-

Healing Touch Eye Center is a certified eye hospital in Delhi with a team of dedicated and experienced Doctors who provide the best eye care services to their patients. Our doctors are very concerned and sensitive about their patient’s health so they help them with the right medicines and recommendations.

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