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How to Recover Google Account or Gmail?

Sometimes, account recovery issues can be more frustrating because there are lots of prominent websites or applications using the login facility of Google and if it is under the recovery mode it would be irritating for every Google or Gmail user. So, if anyone wants to know how to recover your Google Account or Gmail just read the below-given instructions and get back your account.

Get the Google Account Recovery Process by Mobile Number:

Note: As you know, Gmail is also the service of Google so you can also recover your Gmail account using the below pointers.

·        Initially, you must go with https://accounts.google.com/signin/v2/recoveryidentifier official Google account recovery

·        Then, write the correct Email Address or Mobile Number in the text box and tap on Next.

·        Here you need to pick the Forgot Password Link & then, you will get the recovery option facility by Google.

·        Select the recovery option by Email or Mobile, If you have chosen the mobile number recovery facility.

·        Then, you need to check the SMS on your mobile phone, if you got the SMS then, enter the SMS code under the Verification Box and go ahead with Continue.

·        Now, you will get a chance to Make a New Password for your Google or Gmail account.

·        Just, set a new password Confirm the Same Password in another box, and tap on the Next button.

Google Account Recovery Process by Email:

·        Here you need to again visit the Account Recovery Page of Google.

·        Again, mention the related Email Or Phone Number under the text and then, pick the Next button.

·        Now, select the Forgot Password Link and then, select Try another method if you are getting again recovery method by email.

·        Now, you will get the chance to recover your Google or Gmail account by An Alternate Email Address.

·        Check the inbox mail on your Alternate Email Account and write the Correct Code under the Verification Box & again, tap on the next.


·        Here you may create a New Password.

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