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Is it possible to text Air Canada


Air Canada is known as a prominent and major airline of Canada provides its services in several domestic and international locations. The airline has introduced many contact methods, which are very effective and highly efficient if you are looking for ways to connect to the airline.

You have reached the right article if you are looking for ways on how can I text on Air Canada, as here you can find all the possible information about it. Dive into the article and get your hand over some systematic methods of getting through Air Canada.

Methods of getting through Air Canada

Open the official Air Canada website, and there you can get the following contact options to text the airline-

Live Chat

  • On the Air Canada homepage, you can get the Live Chat icon if you want to text your queries to the airline.

  • The live chat is a convenient way of receiving assistance, so type in your query and send it to receive a reply from an online agent of Air Canada.


  • The airline's customer service is also available by email so that you can get proper and professional assistance.

  • You need to follow the email address link of the airline, enter the query, attach important documents, and then the agent replies with a convenient solution that suits best the query you have raised.

Choose a suitable Topic

  • Air Canada allows you to choose a topic of your choice to get the best possible assistance by redirecting you to the concerned department.

  • After choosing the query, you get a list of contact methods through a live agent via text and other contact methods.

Other contact methods

  • Do not worry if you cannot message the airline using any of the contact options mentioned above methods as you can get through the agents by other contact methods- call and social media.

  • You can directly call the Air Canada customer service team to receive assistance, or you can use their social media handles to extract guidance.

So these are some of the effective contact methods if you wonder how can I text on Air Canada. The agents are highly agile and make sure that every passenger receives satisfactory assistance on their respective concerns. Not only that, if you need to receive information and updates about your air canada booking flight or others, then Air Canada allows you to subscribe to their message service.

How can I subscribe to the Air Canada message service?


Air Canada has recently introduced the text message service, allowing passengers to receive all the important information on their mobile phones. You can start the services by messaging SUBSCRIBE on the Air Canada message service number available online. Moreover, you can retrieve assistance by messaging HELP from your mobile number to the airline to receive guidance in real-time. For the travelers who need to know, “does Air Canada have free texting?” well, the charges are applicable depending on the region where you are availing the service. Keep in mind that the charges and data of texting may apply varyingly. 




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