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More Important Full Forms of Computer Related Terms

There are all the computer terms are expanded so that you can actually understand what that thing actually means.

3G - 3rd Generation.
3GP - 3rd Generation Project
3GPP - 3rd Generation Partnership Project
AAC - Advanced Audio Coding
ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ALI – Acer Labs, Incorporated
AM/FM - Amplitude/ Frequency Modulation.
AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
AMR - Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
ARPANET - Advanced Research Project Agency Network.
ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASPI – Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
ATI – ATI Technologies Inc.
AVI - Audio Video Interleave
BFG – BFG Technologies
BMP - Bitmap
BNC – Barrel Nut Connector
CAS – Column Address Signal
CD - Compact Disk.
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access.
CDR – Compact Disk Recorder
CD-ROM – Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CMOS – Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube.
DAT - Digital Audio Tape.
DIMM – Dual Inline Memory Module
DOC - Document (Microsoft Corporation)
DOS - Disk Operating System.
DPI – Dots Per Inch
DVD - Digital Versatile Disk.
DVX - DivX Video
EDGE - Enhanced Data Rate for GSM [Global System for MobileCommunication] Evolution.
EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EVGA – EVGA Corporation
FDC – Floppy Disk Controller
FPS – Frame Per Second
FSAA – Full Screen Anti Aliasing
FSB – Front Side Bus
GBps – Gigabytes per second or Gigabits per second
GHz – GigaHertz
GIF - Graphic Interchangeable Format
GPRS - General Packet Radio Service.
GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication.
GUI - Graphical User Interface.
HIS – Hightech Information System Limited
HP - Hewlett Packard.
HSDPA - High Speed Downlink Packet Access.
HSF – Heatsink Fan
HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
IBM - International Business Machine Corporation.
IP - Internet Protocol.
ISA – Industry Standard Architecture
ISP - Internet Service Provider.
JAD - Java Application Descriptor
JAR - Java Archive
JBL – JBL, Jame B. Lansing., Speakers
JPEG - Joint Photographic Expert Group
Kbps – Kilobits Per Second
LAN – Local Area Network
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
LG – LG Electronics
M3G - Mobile 3D Graphics
M4A - MPEG-4 Audio File
MAC – Media Access Control
MB  – MotherBoard or Megabyte
Mbps – Megabits Per Second or Megabits Per Second
MMF - Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
MMX – Multi Media Extensions
MP3 - MPEG player lll
MP4 - MPEG-4 video file
MSI – Micro Star International
NAS – Network Attached Storage
NAT – Network Address Translation
NEC – NEC Corporation
NIC – Network Interface Card
NRT - Nokia Ringtone
NTH - Nokia Theme
OC – Over Clock
OCZ – OCZ Technology
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
PCB – Printed Circuit Board
PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCMCIA – Peripheral Component Microchannel Interconnect Architecture
PDA – Personal Digital Assistant
PDF - Portable Document Format
PM – Private Message or Private Messaging
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
PnP – Plug ‘n Play
PNY – PNY Technology
POST – Power On Self Test
PPPoA – Point to Point Protocol over ATM
PPPoE – Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
PQI – PQI Corporation
RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RDRAM – Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
ROM – Read Only Memory
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute
RTS - Real Time Streaming
S/PDIF – Sony or Philips Digital Interface
SASID – Self scanned Amorphous Silicon Integrated Display
SCA – SCSI Configured Automatically
SCSI – Small Computer System Interface
SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SECC – Single Edge Contact Connector
SIM - Subscriber Identity Module.
SIS - Symbian OS Installer File
SOHO – Small Office Home Office
SPARC – Scalable Processor ArChitecture
SRAM – Static Random Access Memory
SSE – Streaming SIMD Extensions
SVGA – Super Video Graphics Array
SWF - Shock Wave Flash
TB – Terabytes
Tbps – Terabits per second
TBps – Terabytes per second
TCP - Transmission Control Protocol .
TDK – TDK Electronics
TEC – Thermoelectric Cooler
THM - Themes (Sony Ericsson)
TPC – TipidPC
TWAIN – Technology Without An Important Name
UART – Universal Asynchronous Receiver or Transmitter
UHF - Ultra High Frequency.
UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply.
URL - Uniform Resource Locator.
USB – Universal Serial Bus
UTP – Unshieled Twisted Pair
VCD – Video CD
VHF - Very High Frequency.
VIRUS - Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
VPN – Virtual Private Network
WAN – Wide Area Network
WAP - Wireless Application Protocol.
WAV - Waveform Audio
WBMP - Wireless Bitmap Image
WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
WMA - Windows Media Audio
WML - Wireless Markup Language
WMV - Windows Media Video
WTB – Want to Buy
WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get
XFX – XFX Graphics, a Division of Pine
XGA – Extended Graphics Array
XMF - Extensible Music File
XMS – Extended Memory Specification
XT – Extended Technology
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