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Can someone else use my British Airways voucher?

British Airways allows you to get a travel voucher as a refund if you cancel your flight with them. These vouchers are useful for the customers as they have almost a year of validity. Most people have this question Can someone else use my British Airways voucher. You can give your travel voucher to anyone, but they need to have the voucher number and name details. You can follow the given instructions to learn more about the British Airways travel voucher:



Voucher policy of British Airways



·        If your flight is canceled or you cannot attend your flight for some reason, you can apply for the travel voucher as a refund.



·        You can redeem the voucher through their website and use it unless the balance ends completely.



·        The voucher can be used for your next booking. You have to make the payment for the booking through your voucher.


·        There will be a voucher number written on the front side of the voucher. If you want that someone else uses your voucher, then they must have this number and your name details.


·        It cannot be renewed if it expires. Therefore you should keep the expiry date of your ticket in your mind.




How to check your voucher with British Airways?




·        You have to go to the website of British Airways



·        Now you will go to the “Travel” option



·        Here you will find the option of “Explore.”




·        Under explore section, you will see the option of “Check your Voucher.”




·        You have to fill in your voucher details and name details to check your voucher.


·        This way, you can check your voucher.


British Airways provides flexibility when it comes to travel vouchers. You can easily get the benefits of the voucher if you know their policy. If you want to know more about the travel voucher, you can talk to a live person at British Airways. You can give your travel voucher to anyone, but they can only use it for flight booking. They need to have the voucher number and also the name details to avail the benefits of the voucher. 

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