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What is the scope of Digital Marketing Certification for freshers?

Given the fact that businesses of all sizes have prioritized digital marketing initiatives, it has emerged as the most efficient means of reaching out to a larger audience. India's digital economy is predicted to reach $1 trillion by 2022, according to Business Insider.

According to research published in Indian Express, 85 percent of marketers measure money made by digital marketing, with 50 percent reporting that e-marketing operations account for more than 10% of their total revenue.

There is an increasing rise in demand for digital marketing professionals with expertise and highly skilled talents. Thus, to venture into the field of Digital marketing, it is important to understand the career path in detail and make more informed decisions and choices.


Digital marketing is an expansive field with multi-variants hence the credentials for various professions can vary. A bachelor's degree in marketing, analytics, or a similar discipline is usually a solid way to break into the digital marketing business. However, there are no hard and fast rules for educational background, it is quite flexible that way that any aspiring individual from any educational background may pursue a career in this field. 


It's critical to constantly learn new skills in order to stay current with digital marketing trends. Today, there are a plethora of digital marketing certifications and courses available online. For digital marketers aiming to advance their personal brand in the ever-changing digital arena, earning a digital marketing certification online is the ticket to their success path. 


Digital Marketing certification provides you an edge for employers looking for talent like you, whether you're looking for your first marketing job or your next digital marketing career.

Digital Marketing certification for freshers is of huge benefit from honing one's talents to boosting your credibility and reputation in the field of digital marketing. Don't let your digital marketing talents lapse. Make maximum advantage of your digital marketing certificates.


Talking about the scopes for freshers with certifications in digital marketing, there are variants of areas and job verticals that freshers may join and begin with relevant to one's skillsets and certifications. Below are the job opportunities that freshers may start along with information on the average salaries of the respective profiles:


Social media Marketer: In India, social media marketers have a lot of opportunities for digital marketing. According to the company's brand voice, social media marketers post text messages, photos, and videos on numerous social media sites. A Social Media Marketer's beginning income is roughly 1.79 LPA and may go up to 7.26 LPA. The average income for an experienced worker is 3.5 LPA.

Data analyst/web analyst: The Web Development team includes Web Analysts and Data Analysts. Data management, data analysis, web projects, data integrity, and web server security are among these experts' primary tasks. A Web Analyst/Data Analyst's compensation ranges from 1.8 to 6.6 LPA. An experienced candidate's average compensation is 3.6 LPA.


Content Marketer: The complete Digital Marketing team should be represented by a Content Marketer. The expert is in charge of the material created by the team in order to engage the target audience. A Content Marketer's compensation in India can range from 3.7 LPA to 10 LPA. After gaining sufficient experience, the average annual pay will be 6.4 lacs.


Email Marketer: Email marketers create email marketing campaigns to generate leads and advertise products, pages, or services. An Email Marketer's compensation ranges from 2.2 LPA to 10 LPA. In India, the average annual income for someone with 0–3 years of experience is 5 lacs.

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