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How does Google Voice hide your real number


YES, Google voice helps the user to quickly & conveniently hide the real number they are operating to communicate with people. The Google voice is one of the best features of Google & is also a free phone service that Google offers to every single user. Now in case you are not able to understand that how Does Google Voice hide your real number, then there is a straightforward & easy process through which you can quite smoothly hide your real number.


Now to know about the process through which you can hide off your real number with the help of the Google Voice tool. Then for that, you need to follow these steps that are listed below for your reference & provide you with step by step assistance;

  • First off, you need to open a web browser page on your device & make sure that you are connected with an internet connection. 

  • Now you will go to Google official website. 

  • After that, when you get onto its prompts, you will have to sign in to your Google account.

  • Now for sign in, you will have to enter correct credentials like username/ id & password.

  • After that, you will have to go through terms & conditions & also with Google privacy policies if you need to accept it.

  • Now you need to select the area code for your phone number. 

  • Now once you have your number displayed on the Google page. 

  • Click select & your number will get selected. 

  • Now you can connect your Google Voice number with your actual number. 

  • Or you can tap on the number & therefore, you get the option to tap on & then your Google number will get hidden. 

  • After the process completion & Google confirmation, you can easily hide & un-hide of your Google voice number & can use it for calling.

Therefore, by going through this process, you can quite smoothly get access to Google Voice number know about does Google Voice hide your real number by following the above steps for getting best help & guidance.

However, users are provided with the features via which they can quickly go for free domestic calling & also offered the option of texting to anyone. And in case you require help & assistance over Google Voice, hide your phone number. In that case, you can approach an expert from Google through the customer care helpline service, where you will find appropriate help & guidance over your issues instantly.




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