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How do I Check my Norton Subscription?

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Norton Antivirus has become one of the most widespread antivirus software on the market, pre-installed on many androids or apple devices and Windows operating systems. They provide a free trial of 60- and 90-day that can expire quickly and leave your device at risk until you renew your subscription. If you want to cancel your subscription and do not want to auto deduct the money from your account and if you are waiting for the correct date to cancel your subscription. If you are looking, How do I Check my Norton Subscription? Then Norton offers the users a way to check the days remaining on the software. Continue reading the information to get the answer.

Ways to check your subscription date

You can use online and offline ways to check your subscription date to Norton. Below you will get the information the same.

Through online-

  • Open your Norton software by double-clicking it and start the Norton Antivirus software. 
  • You can double-click on the icon on your desktop or access the program from the "Start" menu.
  • Now log in to your Norton account with your username and password. 
  • Now navigate the Subscription Service available on the home page
  • Find the Renewal Date" or "Days Remaining" in the software's product window.
  •  If you are not able to see these options search for "Subscription Status" on the left side of the window.

Through Phone-

If you are not tech-savvy and want to know your subscription end date from the Norton live personthen you can connect with the helpline number 1 (855) 815-2726 available on the official website of Norton Software.

  • Dial the customer helpline number of the Norton software.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Press 1 for password recovery
  • Press 2 for account setup
  • Press 3 to connect with the live agent.
  • After pressing the relevant key, wait for a while as your call gets connected to the agent.
  • Explain your situation and ask him to complete the process on your behalf
  • Provide your Norton account details and get the answers.

Though Live Chat-

You can also connect with the live agent through the live chat option. You can find the option on the Contact us tab of the software website. After selecting the option, explain your query in the chat box and get the answers.

Conclusion -

For more information, directly connect with Norton customer service phone number and get your issue resolved. You can also connect with them through a community forum where experts will provide advice for any query related to Norton.

So by reading the information above, you must be clear about Check my Norton SubscriptionIf you still have questions or need additional information, speak to the Norton representative directly or call the helpline number :1-802-538-7026 to get the best solutions. I believe this article helps you to get the best solution.

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