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Does Norton have Phone Support?

In order to digital security, identity protection, and online privacy Norton offers a wide variety of products and services to its customers. Norton is owned by symantec which divides them into two and Norton is placed in a security unit. To connect with the Norten support you can use their calling methods.


Here is how you can contact Norton via phone

To get a new subscription or while login every Norton customer faces some problem. And to get the solution they contact the Norton customer service. You can also contact the Norton agent.


Contact through call 

You can contact them via call. Calling can be an easy and effortless method. If you call the executive you convey your message easily. Norton agent calling numbers   can be busy sometime due to heavy traffic of passengers or if you call them on the busy hour. So it would be suggested that you can call them in the early morning or at the time of evening. The traffic of passengers is quite less. 

You can contact them by using the method below: 

  • Firstly, dial the Norton official number 000 800 100 7601

  • Second, choose a language that can be Hindi, English or the one that you prefer.

  • Attend the IVR carefully. 

  • Press the number according to the IVR instructions. 

  • At last the Norton phone assistant will ask you if you want to contact the executive. 

  • Press the number to connect with the executive. 

  • Soon the phone line will connect with the executive.

  •  Clear your query with them. 


The query of Does Norton have Phone Support? Has been solved by the above points.


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