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Have These Vital Documents In Your Hand Bag When Moving Abroad?

Shift safely and fast with the international moving services @ Packers and Movers Hyderabad.

Relocating to a new country if often an exciting process and feeling. You dream to walk in to different streets now, faces will be different, food will be different, culture will be different and the most important you’ll move far away from your family. But if the opportunity demands such then we don’t think stepping back will be a good option to go for. Instead the Packers and Movers in Hyderabad supports you like a strong backbone to pack and move to abroad safely and fast.

The services are not just limited to India but when you’re moving to abroad we make the settlement for you, we give you the complete moving services- the team will come and take your moving boxes and let help you to re-arrange them in your new home. We feel that this abroad moving not only involves the casual move, it involves the entire life moving to thousands of miles away and navigating with bunch of paper works and red tapes. In order to make your international move more successful, Packers and Movers Hyderabad international shifting and packing serves you the entire shifting services but apart from this we also advice you to get prepare from your side, you will need to bring all the crucial documents with you while checking for the international flight and while applying for the visa too.



so, to make sure that you’re aware of every procedure can happen and must be ready with all essential documents required for an international move- movers and packers in Hyderabad wants you to know :

6 crucial documents to bring when moving abroad

1. Passport

In order to travel abroad, we don’t feel like to share this that you’ll need an official, a government- issued passport to move. This is being so casual and normal which everyone knows about. Passport is being a single-most vital document that you desperately needs when moving internationally. A government- issued passport certifies you with citizenship and shows the owner’s identity. Most of the countries have strict rules and do not allow travelers to enter without an official identity that’s passport. So if you’re planning to move abroad and do not have passports in hand then packers and movers in Hyderabad recommend you- starting the application process as soon as possible. Getting a passport can take a process of few weeks to sometimes few months even.

2. Visa

Shifting to a new country? With addition to passport, you will most certainly need a visa which act as a permission letter by the country that you’re allowed to live in their country with the certain reasons you mentioned if they’re valid, like you’re asking for the permission to stay because of your studies or job or something like that. Visa allows you to stay in different country for a certain time period with a valid reason as I mentioned. The visa is authorized and is issued by the country where you wish to move. So, find out the best suitable visa out from different types of visa’s and may apply to it soon, suggested by Packers And Movers Hitech City Hyderabad


- the international packing and shifting services.

3. Work permit

Well a visa will allow you to enter to a different country but probably you won’t be allow to work there. Many countries have a policy which requisite work permit in order to officially employed in the country. If you’re shifting to a new country with a reason to work then an official work permit letter from the company is requisite which act as an official document which will be applied with your visa, and thus through this you’ll get an permission to live their because of your work reasons. Make sure that without a work permit letter you wont be allow to work in different country- so packers and movers Hyderabad advice you to have these formal legal documents to have a hassle free visa procedure.

4. Birth certificate

When shifting to a new country with Movers and Packers Hyderabad, we suggest to keep all the vital documents with your during the relocation. This also includes the original birth certificate and some several copies. A birth certificate is a formal document which is an identification certificate of person’s name, gender, birthday, birthday place, and lot other verification details like blood group and etc.

5. Medical records

Whether you’re shifting to abroad for a longer period of time or just for shorter period, bringing up the medical records with you is necessary. When travelling to abroad it’s wise to not take any risk with your health. No matter what but while applying for the procedure of the visa to another country you need to attach your medical records as a clear story that you’re medically and physically fit. Because if you physically not fit then might be your visa can be stopped between the process, don’t worry this is applicable for serious health issues like heart problem, sugar problem and etc.

6. Government identities

Keep the government documents in your wallet because with other formal and legal documents during the procedure you might also have to show some other documents; for an alternative you should always have these in your wallet- says packers and movers Hyderabad the packing and shifting service providers. Id’s like Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license and etc. can play an alternative role while the verification processing takes place.


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