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How to Upgrade a Seat on Alitalia Airlines?

Short Guide on Alitalia Airlines Seat Upgrade Process

Alitalia Airline was once the largest airline in Italy and the flag carrier airline of its region. It provides scheduled passenger flights to international and domestic destinations and is known for its cream-layer services.

If you have an Alitalia Airlines flight booking or reservation and need to upgrade your seats, the following will help you complete the process. You can Upgrade Seat on Alitalia Airlines with the help of following the complete process mentioned below.


Seat Upgrade Policy of Alitalia Airlines

If you wish to get an upgrade on Alitalia Airlines, you’ll have to abide by certain terms and conditions of Alitalia;


  • You can only complete the seat upgrade procedure if you make the flight booking with the help of its official website or by calling their official reservations number.
  • You can only upgrade a confirmed ticket, subject to seat availability in the particular class.
  • You can request a seat upgrade at check-in on the official website or visit the airport premises.


One can understand the Alitalia Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy by going through the steps listed above.


How to upgrade seats on Alitalia Airlines?


  • Visit the official Alitalia Airlines website.
  • Once the website loads, locate and click on the ‘Get an upgrade’ option.
  • On the following page, click on the category ‘Make your offer.’
  • It will then ask you to enter your existing Alitalia Airlines flight ticket details and the offer you are ready to make for an upgrade.
  • Once you enter the amount, enter your payment details and click on ‘Save & Continue.’
  • Once you submit your request, Alitalia Airlines will notify you according to the seat availability.


Thus, one can understand the complete seat upgrade policy and procedure of Alitalia Airlines with the help of all the points listed above.

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