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How we un link Facebook from Microsoft Account


Guide to unlink Facebook from Microsoft Account


If you have a Facebook account and created your account, you used your Microsoft credentials, and now you are getting infuriated because of all the Facebook updates you are receiving on your Microsoft account. 

Well, if you find yourself stuck in a situation like this and you wish to know the resolution to, How do I unlink Facebook from Microsoft Account?’ In that case, the following short and detailed points will help you unlink Facebook from your Microsoft account in a hassle-free and timely manner.

Unlink Facebook from Microsoft Account

You can unlink Facebook from your Microsoft Account with the help of going through the points mentioned below;


  • Open the official Microsoft Sign-in page.

  • Enter your account credentials and proceed.

  • Once you get into your Microsoft account, click on the ‘Account settings’ option.

  • You’ll see an option stating ‘Linked Accounts on the following page.’

  • Click on ‘Show all.’

  • You’ll then be able to see all the accounts linked with your Microsoft account.

  • Now, locate Facebook from the list and click on ‘Unlink account.’

  • A prompt will be showcased, which will ask you to confirm your choices.

  • Click on ‘Confirm’ and proceed with the steps.

  • You can then unlink Facebook from your Microsoft account with the help of all the points listed above.


Therefore, all the points mentioned above will help you unlink Facebook from your Microsoft Account and customize your account and the notifications accordingly. You can manage and organize the notifications and update settings after unlinking your Facebook account.




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