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Fix – Lenovo 300 Wireless Mouse Stops Working

"I've been involving Lenovo 300 remote mouse for a long while and it turns out completely great. Nonetheless, recently I refreshed my Windows, and from that point forward, the mouse has quit working.


Peruse the investigating guide beneath on the off chance that you deal with a comparative issue or on the other hand in the event that your Lenovo remote mouse has quit working.


Not at all like wired mice, remote mice are advantageous and simple to utilize. In any case, when they quit working, getting around with things becomes troublesome. Anyway, how can be gotten the remote functioning?


Relax; underneath, we will tell you the best way to fix the Lenovo Bluetooth mouse issue.


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Motivations behind Why Lenovo 300 Remote Mouse Quits Working?

The mouse batteries are not completely energized, dead, or not accurately embedded.

The power switch is Off.

The USB collector isn't associated accurately.

Broken USB port.

Numerous Bluetooth gadgets are associated simultaneously.

The USB driver is obsolete, broken, or degenerate.

Since it is now so obvious what may be the explanation for the mouse not working accurately we should figure out how to investigate the issue.


The most effective method to Fix Lenovo Remote Mouse Not Working - Windows

Before we dive into specialized subtleties and figure out how to refresh drivers, we should do fundamental investigating.


Swap the batteries for the remote mouse.

On the off chance that the Bluetooth mouse has a power-on button, ensure it is turned on.

Check the mouse link or USB connector. Moreover, turn off and replug the link or connector back in.

Have a go at interfacing the mouse associated with an alternate port.

Clean the mouse.

On the off chance that you are not utilizing it on a level surface, have a go at utilizing it on a non-intelligent and level surface.

Indeed, even in the wake of following the fundamental investigating steps, in the event that the mouse is as yet not working, you ought to check for a driver update.


Why update drivers?


Drivers are programs that sudden spike in demand for your PC and permit the gadget to speak with the working framework.


Without a legitimate driver, your framework won't identify any associated gadget, leaving your gadget useless or delivering a few functionalities difficult to reach.


Therefore refreshing drivers is an unquestionable requirement.


How to Refresh Mouse Remote Driver?

The essential drivers for your PC can be gotten from the producer's help page, by means of extra Windows update, or utilizing an inherent utility called Gadget.


On the other hand, drivers can be downloaded and refreshed consequently utilizing an outsider instrument like High level Driver Updater.


The manners in which referenced above will help download and introduce the latest drivers for your mouse gadget. Be that as it may, there's a trick to refreshing the driver physically through the gadget chief or producer site. You really want to have specialized information, while in the event that you update utilizing Progressed Driver Updater, it tends to be finished in only a couple of snaps.


Update Lenovo Mouse Driver

Beneath we will clarify one manual and one more natural way for update drivers. This way you can conclude which one suits you best.


Physically Update Mouse Driver - Gadget Director

Right-click the Windows symbol > select Gadget Director.


Double tap Human Point of interaction Gadgets or Mice and Other Pointing Gadgets > search for the mouse driver.



Right-click the mouse driver > Uninstall gadget.

uninstall gadget


Restart the PC to allow Windows to reinstall the driver.

Presently attempt and run the mouse; it ought to work.


On the off chance that this appears to be overpowering, we have a programmed way for you.


Update Driver Consequently Utilizing Progressed Driver Updater

Introduce Progressed Driver Updater by downloading it.



Double tap the arrangement record to introduce and run the driver refreshing utility.

Click Start Sweep Now to examine the PC for the obsolete Lenovo mouse driver.

adu scan1


Go through the output results and snap Update All to refresh the driver. Assuming you are re-coordinated to the buy page, you utilize the preliminary form. You should click Update driver close to the driver in such a case.

adu update all


Restart PC to apply changes.


This is the way you can refresh the Lenovo 300 Remote smaller mouse. Utilizing a driver updater device is trustworthy and trusted to keep drivers refreshed. You can likewise plan driver outputs and updates. Do share your criticism in the remarks area.

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