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Can You Get a Refund on a Vueling Flight?

When the flight tickets are canceled from the passenger's side or by the airlines themselves, passengers must ask for a refund from the airline. For those who have bought flight tickets on Vueling Airlines can ask for a refund from the airline if they have been canceled. Some of them might ask how to get a refund on a vueling flight? Vueling is a low-priced Spanish flight with a maximum number of passengers flying with them. The airline also renders to claim a refund from the airline.


Before the passengers decide to get a refund from the airline, they have to follow certain terms and conditions regarding the refund. 


Refund policies of Vueling Airlines:

Here are the policies of Vueling that the travelers can easily follow before they proceed to cancel their flight tickets:

  • Under 24 hours policies of refund, canceling flight tickets on the day of purchase will not cost any charges to the passengers.
  • After 24 hours of purchasing the flight tickets, passengers need to pay some amount of money to pay the cancelation fees.
  • Cancelation fees will be deducted from the refund amount for travelers.
  • The cancelation can be claimed until 24 hours of departure time of the airline.
  • The flights that are refundable, unused, or unexpired will only be applicable to be refunded by the airline.
  • The refunding prices will be according to the distance, destination, and type of flight ticket booked.


The process to request a refund from Vueling Airlines:

After passengers have gone through the refund policies of the airline, they have to follow the process of claiming procedure too. The process that they can go through is as follows:

  • Sign in to the official site of Vueling Airlines on any internet browser. 
  • First, cancel the flight tickets if they have not been canceled by the airlines. 
  • Go to the ‘manage booking’ section and enter the official information about the flight tickets. 
  • Click on the cancel flight button, and pay the fees if there are any to the airline. 
  • Your flight tickets will get canceled by the airline. Immediately after that, go to find out the refund link on the homepage.
  • After finding out the ‘refund link,’ fill in the details as asked by the airline, and submit the form. 
  • The airline customer service will check out your request, and if it is applicable, the airline will credit the amount of refund in your account.

Travelers can also contact Vueling customer service to get a refund from Vueling and ask them about the process to cancel the flight tickets and claim a refund from them. 


Modes to reach the live person at Vueling Airlines:

If there are any queries regarding how to make a refund or to get in touch with vueling customer service, then here are the direct sources to reach their live agent.  


Calling via Vueling phone number:

For those passengers who are not familiar with the airline or its services regarding a refund, they can call them on their contact number, which is easily available on their official site. By placing the call to the airline, the live person will pick up customers' calls and ask them what type of doubts they want to clear. Inform them about your issues, and they will provide you with prominent answers for them. The service hours of Vueling customer service are 24/7.


Chat service of Vueling:

For the messaging process of the airline, passengers can go through their live chat process. It is operated via the internet; passengers can follow the steps in order to have access to it.

  • Sign in to the site of Vueling Airlines.
  • Scroll down to the 'contact us' section of the home screen.
  • After that, you have to tap on the ‘live chat section’ of the airlines.
  •  A tab will appear on the dashboard. Travelers have to write all their issues on it. 
  • Send it to the customer service representative. The live agent will read out your issues and reply to them with the most relevant answers. 
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