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How to recover a Google account?

How can you recover your Google account?


Are you trying to figure out how you can recover your Google account when lost its login password? If you're unfamiliar with the recovery procedure for a Google account and want to learn more, you've come to the right place. The recovery method for a Google account is simple; all you need is the certainty of being able to access the recovery data. You must follow the below instructions for Google account recovery, after ensuring that you have all of the necessary information.


  • To begin, go to the Google recovery website and enter your ID
  • Then, for the same Google account, input any old password
  • By tapping "Try another Way," you may skip the second step
  • Google will then ask for your permission to send a code to your registered phone number
  • Choose whether to get a code through text message or a phone call
  • After receiving the verification code on the phone return to the recovery page
  • Next, correctly type the code in the designated field then submit it
  • If you previously selected "I don't have my phone," Google will prompt you to receive a code through email.
  • To receive your code in the recovery email, press the send button
  • Copy the code from your recovery email and paste it on the recovery page
  • Allow Google to validate your account based on the code, and a password reset screen will appear
  • Finally, you can establish a new password to complete the account recovery process


In addition, you may contact a Google account recovery specialist for assistance, if you have any problems during the procedure to get back access to your account. You may contact a Google professional by calling the customer service number or chatting with them on the web, and they will provide you with the assistance you require.

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