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Preparation tips for CMA? Guide by Kisalay Commerce Classes


CMA preparation is a challenging feat, given the many topics to cover and the fast pace of question delivery. And this challenge gets enhanced manifold if English is not your first language. If you have been already decided that you want to appear for CMA but are unsure about how to go about it, here are some important tips that can help you excel in your exam. If you want to join the best commerce coaching in India, you can join Kisalay commerce classes.


- Regular classes: While taking regular classes from expert commerce coaching institute ensures that your basics are clear, attending weekend or evening batches can be a real workout since the pace at which questions would be delivered will keep increasing as the exams draw closer. Ensure that you do attend weekday classes regularly so as not to fall behind on the syllabus momentum


- Time management: It's essential to keep a daily timetable and stick to it. This will ensure that you manage your time effectively and work on sections one by one methodically. As the number of sections increases, proper management of time is a must. As Kisalay Commerce Classes, we are the best CA coaching in India and we can offer top-class training.


- Practice tests: Once you have finished studying for a topic, try giving a practice test immediately so as to check your progress at various levels. Also, take mock tests regularly with increasing levels of difficulty so as to test yourself for the real exam


- Quality over quantity: Try not to cram too much information in one sitting as this can lead to fatigue and lower retention ability. CMA preparation needs you to approach things methodically ensuring all concepts are clear before moving on to another chapter


- Familiarise yourself with computer-based exams: Many commerce coaching institutes have introduced computer-based exams to ensure a better understanding of the nature of questions that will be asked in the actual exam. For best results practice typing your answers on a computer repeatedly.


If you are looking for the best commerce coaching in India, you can turn it on at Kisalay Commerce classes today.


- Work experience: Work experience is often looked upon as a major factor at CMA interviews, so try and get some work exposure from your college days itself. This can help you get a jump start for any internship/work relevant to your subject area once you are complete graduation. Also having work experience during summer breaks can really help boost your resume.


- Frequent tests: It's important to take frequent tests even after getting prepared from an expert commerce coaching institute. This ensures that syllabus coverage remains strong and concepts are not forgotten over time. Work towards increasing your speed with repeated tests to achieve the most accurate timing in the actual exam


- Coaching classes for verbal ability: Since CMA will have a section on verbal ability, ensure that you take coaching classes that can enhance your vocabulary and enable you to score well in this section. This can also be brushed up by reading books of your choice or watching TV shows


- Last but not least, make sure you are passionate about your subject area as it will help you study better and stay motivated throughout the exam preparation process. If English is neither your first language nor strong suit, do not let it affect your hard work and put more hours into studies than someone whose native language is English would require.



Keep these tips in mind and you can easily achieve success in your CMA exams! We are the best commerce coaching in India and here you can learn everything you want related to your course. 

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