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What are the step to transfer the SBC global email to Gmail

Complete guide to transfer SBC Global email to Gmail

SBC Global is also one of the emails that can be used as a business, professional, or personal as per the user's needs. Sometimes users want to transfer the SBC global account to Gmail and wonder about the ways to transfer. Therefore to know the steps to transfer the email, first, it is essential to understand the features of SBC global email:


  • You can send an email and also- attach a file with them.

  • You can use it on the SBC global website and avail all the services there.

  • It offers you to check email history and save the emails as drafts.

  • You can create a new email and send it to multiple users.


Steps to transfer the SBC global email to Gmail:


  • Go to the Gmail login page and sign in to your account.

  • After opening your profile, you need to open the gear icon at the top right corner of the page.

  • Choose the settings options below the page.

  • You have to select the accounts and import tab.

  • Open the ‘Add a mail account option and enter the SBC global email address which you want to add. Also, enter the password.

  • Enter the inbound.att.net for the POP server. You can also change POP settings to 995.

  • Enable your Gmail account to delete your emails.

  • Now click on the archive incoming messages option, and all the SBC global emails will appear to your Gmail account.

  • Tap on the add account option to add your SBC global account to Gmail and complete the process.

With these above steps, you can see your SBC global email will get a transfer into your Gmail account. In case you find difficulty in how do I transfer my SBCGlobal email to Gmail , you can get help from the experts of Gmail anytime over the call.

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