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When can I get my refund money from Spirit Airlines


Being an American ultra-low-cost airline, Spirit Airlines remains on the wishlist of many travelers. The airline is endowed with fantastic booking and flight management facilities that make the travel experience even more untroubled. Spirit Airlines has introduced flight canceling and refund policies to benefit travelers facing trouble to continue the journey.


If you have also canceled your existing reservation and are wondering how long does Spirit take to refund money, then this article can clear your doubts efficiently.

The refund policy at Spirit Airlines

Once the airline receives your refund requests, the refund amount will be credited to your account within the first twenty days of request submission. Take a look at the detailed description of Spirit Airlines refund policy before you make any changes to the existing flight:


  • The timeline to get a refund from Spirit Airlines depends on the applied terms and conditions while booking. 

  • Also, the type of fare you selected and the routes you choose play an important role in deciding the refund credit time.

  • Visit the official Spirit Airlines website to cancel your ticket and request a refund online if you wish to receive a refund.

  • The airline, in most cases, provides a refund within 20 business days in the original payment form you used to purchase the ticket. 

  • To receive a refund at Spirit Airlines requires your ticket to qualify all the pre-decided measures and standards set across by the airline.

  • If your ticket does not qualify the criterion set for refundable tickets, the airline cancels your refund request.

  • If you are canceling your flight within a day of initial booking, then you are eligible for a full refund. However, if you are canceling your flight less than a week before the scheduled Spirit Airlines departure, then you might have to pay some charges.

  • The airline recalculates your refund charges and transfers the remaining amount to the account number you registered while booking the ticket.

  • Spirit Airlines keeps in mind all the possibilities to cater to the needs and requirements of its travelers. If a traveler is canceling the flight due to the unfortunate demise of their travel companion, the airline strives to provide a full refund on your canceled flight.

You can also call Spirit Airlines reservation customer service to help you initiate a refund on the canceled flight. You can voice your query of- how long does spirit airlines take to refund money to a professional at Spirit Airlines to get a second opinion before you cancel your flight.


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