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What are the ways to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems


Canon printers are certainly one of the finest quality printers you can have. You would need to make sure that you have followed the correct troubleshooting steps in case there is an issue.


So, if you have a question, “how do i troubleshoot my canon printer problems?” Then you would need to follow the steps which are given below. After that, your printer will be working again.


Troubleshooting procedure of Canon printer:

Check the power cable- 

Many times, the most specific things are ignored, and complicated steps are attempted first. So, make sure that the power cable is attached to the PowerPoint and the printer correctly. After turning on the power, that could be another reason that the printer is not working.

Cartridge not appropriately aligned- 

In case you have installed new cartridges, then make sure that they are aligned correctly. In case they’re not, then you would need to fit it properly. After that, your printer will work perfectly. 

No ink-

When we use our printer regularly, then at times, we tend to forget that we need to change the cartridge. We come to know about it when the printer stops printing. So, make sure that you’re keeping a regular check on the cartridge.






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