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How to change my SBCGlobal account settings?

Change SBCGlobal email account settings, Learn how?

Suppose you are looking for the steps or methods through which you can quickly & conveniently change your SBC Global account settings. But you are unable to know the best & valuable steps to perform this task; then you can get support for SBCGlobal email account settings by getting with such simple steps mentioned below for your reference.

Then the following are the effective steps for your guidance:

·        First, you have to open the SBCGlobal email server domain setting sbcglobal.net.

·        Pop.att.yahoo.com is the incoming POP server setting & outgoing email server should be set to smpt.yahoo.com which ensure to enable the authentication

·        POP3 is the default mail server for incoming messages 

·        You have to change inbound.att.net the incoming mail port to 995 & the port value to 995

·        Users also have to make sure SSL is already selected as the secured connection option on the Internet. 

·        You will have to configure outbound.att.net as the outgoing mail port & set port 465 as the outgoing mail port value. 

·        In the end, you will have to secure connection by selecting SSL with your customerID@sbcglobal.net is the SBCGlobal POP3 ID/username that you should use & at last, your SBCGlobal email account will now be ready to use.

However, you can contact the SBCGlobal email support phone number for help regarding SBCGlobal email account settings and get assistance by the SBCGloal representative.

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