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Is there any cancellation charge at Air Canada

Is there any cancellation charge at Air Canada?

Air Canada is one of the most customer-friendly airlines considered worldwide. The primary intent of the airline is to provide a content journey until their destination by leveraging them with several amenities and facilities. Generally, you need to pay a considerable amount to compensate for the cancellation when you cancel a flight. But, with Air Canada, this is not the case! 

Air Canada has served several flexible booking and canceling policies to make your travel experience even more untroubled. Do not sweat if your travel plans have changed and you do not know how much is cancellation fee for Air Canada, as this article can guide you efficiently! 

Air Canada ticket cancellation charges

Take help from the given points to understand the ticket cancellation charges at Air Canada:

  • Air Canada charges around $125 if you do not cancel your flight within the given time limit.

  • You might have to provide administration charges of around $150 if you cancel your flight using Air Canada’s contact center.

  • For the Standard, Flex, Non-flexible Business, and Premium Economy travelers, the cancellation charge is around $200 per canceled ticket.

Also, you can contact customer service to know how much is cancellation fee for Air Canada . But, the cancellation must be made within a day of the booking made; otherwise, you might not be able to cancel your flight or would have to pay some applicable charges. 

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