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How do I Select a Seat on a Korean Air Flight?

  • Check-in Options: After booking, you can further modify your korean air seat selection during online check-in or at the airport counter.


  • Prioritise Comfort: If you value extra legroom, consider opting for seats in the exit row or bulkhead seats. These seats offer more space and allow you to stretch your legs.


  • Window or Aisle?: Determine your preference for either a window seat to enjoy the view or an aisle seat for easy access to the restroom and more mobility.


  • Consider Seat Recline: If you plan to rest during the flight, check the seat's recline capability. Seats with limited recline are common in some areas of the aircraft.


  • Be Mindful of Wings and Engine Noise: Some passengers prefer seats closer to the wings for a smoother ride, while others avoid seats near the engines due to noise levels.


  • Check SeatGuru: Use SeatGuru (www.seatguru.com), a valuable resource that provides seat reviews, ratings, and recommendations for specific flights.


  • Business Class vs. Economy Class Seat Selection

  • Korean Air offers various cabin classes, including Business Class and Economy Class. Let's explore the seat selection process for each class:


  • Business Class Seat Selection: Passengers travelling in Business Class enjoy premium amenities and comfort. Korean Air's Business Class seats often offer fully flatbeds, direct aisle access, and enhanced privacy. When selecting a Business Class seat, consider proximity to the galley and lavatories for optimal comfort.


  • Economy Class Seat Selection: For Economy Class passengers, seat selection is equally crucial. Look for seats with extra legroom, such as exit row seats or bulkhead seats. Remember that these seats are in high demand, so book early for a better chance of securing them.


Seat Selection for Families and Groups

Travelling with family or in a group requires strategic seat selection to ensure everyone stays together and enjoys a smooth journey:


Pre-book Seats Together: To guarantee that your family or group sits together, consider pre-booking seats during the ticket purchase process.


 Opt for a Middle Row: If sitting together is not possible, choose a middle row of seats, where you can easily communicate with each other.


Select Bulkhead Seats: Families with infants or small children can benefit from booking bulkhead seats with bassinet facilities for a comfortable trip.


Seat Selection Changes and Upgrades

Despite careful planning, circumstances may arise that necessitate changes to your seat selection or even an upgrade:


Changing Your Seat Selection: Korean Air allows you to modify your seat selection online through the Manage Booking section on their website. Ensure you make changes well in advance to secure your preferred seat.


Upgrading Your Seat: If you wish to upgrade your seat, explore Korean Air's upgrade options, which may include bidding for a higher class or using your frequent flyer miles.


Q: Can I select a seat during online check-in?

A: Yes, Korean Air allows passengers to select seats during online check-in, which typically opens 48 hours before departure.


Q: Are there any additional fees for seat selection?

A: The fees for seat selection vary based on the class of service and route. Some fare types and frequent flyer status may offer complimentary seat selection.


Q: Can I change my seat after completing the booking?

A: Yes, you can modify your seat selection through the airline's website or contact their customer service. Keep in mind that some changes may involve additional fees.


Q: Are bulkhead seats suitable for families with infants?


A: Yes, bulkhead seats usually have bassinet facilities, making them ideal for families travelling with infants.

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