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Importance of Industrial Training for College Students

Why college students should have industrial training?

In today’s competitive and dynamic times, having no practical experience listed on your resume is becoming another reason for rejection from the companies. The reason is, industries and companies prefer those who have at least some knowledge about ins and outs of the job and with whom they don’t need to invest time in training them from the base level. That is why having done internships during college years give fresh graduates an upper edge over those who haven’t done any.

Industrial Training

Let’s begin with the first question, what is industrial training?

Well, industrial training refers to the short term internship or training where a student applies the theoretical knowledge to gain some practical skills while working on live projects. This training or internship could be of any tenure lasting for about 4 weeks at minimum to 6 months at maximum. These are considered essential for any student who wants to build a professional career in the IT field, engineering field or even the new in-demand jobs like digital marketing. Moreover, it gives a student real-life experience in the work field while he/she is still in college. There are some other benefits of industrial training for every college student ; you just need to find the reason resonating with you most

  • Practical knowledge and skills – when a student works in an industry, he/she is going to work on the projects in real-time and will be able to understand the know-how of handling any project from scratch.
  • Helps in building soft and hard skills – while hard skills are a mix of both theoretical and practical knowledge, soft skills on the other hand depends on our personality. So, when you are working with others on projects, the hard skills get polished and you start building soft skills such as problem-solving ability, good communication skills, adaptability and also a creative mind.
  • Overall personality development – Once you get into the field of the workforce, the everyday interactions with supervisors, team members and fellow interns will help in developing your overall personality for this competitive and dynamic era.
  • Clears doubts regarding profession – Like every student in college, many find difficulty in sorting out the line they want to choose and sometimes even end up into an unlikeable job which causes frustration for whole professional life. For instance, an IT student has a wide array of career paths to choose from but he/she isn’t sure of which suits him/her the best; at this moment if that student engages himself/herself in industrial training during college years only, he/she will be able to understand the professional likes and dislikes in a better way.
  • A bright resume- Any industry or company today prefers to employ experienced candidates even for entry-level jobs because an already trained candidate will not need basic tutoring and will save the company’s most valuable asset i.e. time.

From all the points listed above, the importance of industrial training for college students has become clearer. Apart from these, training will also help students in
learning management skills, interpersonal skills and work ethics while working in a professional atmosphere. Internship or training is a good way to understand the
work culture, no matter which educational background you belong to. Therefore, if you are a college student from any technical or even non-technical field, you must start looking for an internship and industrial training to better utilise your free time and valuable energy to make you job-ready.

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