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How do I use a promo code on Air Canada?

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. Air Canada has been rated four stars for its quality and ground service. The staff of Air Canada is very polite, and they have a good service, from food to their hospitality. Air Canada always provides vouchers and promo codes for their customers, by which people get a very good discount on their reservations. Air Canada gives promo codes with the expiry date on them. Air Canada offers affordable flights across the country. I have to use a promo code to get a discount on my flight tickets. So here are the steps to use the promo code on Air Canada

 How to use a promo code?


There are multiple ways to use a promo code on Air Canada or call the customer care representative. Both the way is soo easy. You need to follow the steps mentioned below.

open the internet browser

You can go to the website of Air Canada

Then search for the flight you are looking for and proceed with that.

When you finalize your tickets, fill in the details of the passengers.

Then on the payment page, you will find the option of applying a coupon/voucher. They only mention the promo code you have and click on submit; you will see some discount on the final payment page, and click on submit. 

If your promo code is not applied, please contact a customer service representative. The number of customer care representatives is available on the website of Air Canada.


How do I speak with someone at Air Canada?


You have another option to contact through Air Canada phone number, which is available on the website in the help and contact section.

You can tell the customer care representative about your promo code at the booking call and ask them to apply your promo code.

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