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Does Turkish Airline allow pets?

Turkish Airlines Pet Travel 

Turkish Airlines is well known for providing passengers with a comfortable and safe trip. The airlines also provide passengers to travel with their pets if they wish to. They provide full support and all required services, as there is a Turkish Airlines pet policy according to which you have to take the necessary measures required to take if you wish to travel with your pet. Turkish Airlines only allow dogs, cats, and small birds (goldfinches, budgies, and canaries), and the combined weight of the pet and carrier have to be not more than 8kgs (17lbs). For further information, read out the pet policy of Turkish Airlines.

How do I bring my pet on Turkish Airlines?

  • As per the Turkish Airlines Pet Policy, only small dogs, cats, and domestic birds can travel on the airlines with the passengers.
  • The pet must be at least ten weeks old to travel in the cabin.
  • Pregnant animals and puppies and kittens under the age of 10 weeks are not permitted to travel on the airlines. Also, a pet having lousy health is not permitted by the airlines.
  • The pets will not travel on the same flight, and you need to provide all the necessary documents of the pet at the check-in, which you'll need for the destination country.
  • There has to be a label on the cage on which the full name, address, and phone number have to be written, the number of pets in the cage, and the name of the pets.
  • The rabies vaccination card also requires notifying that it has been done at least 30 days but not more than one year before the flight date.
  • In the case of service animals, only dogs are permitted on the flight as service pets.
  • You have to be presented at the airport 6 hours before the departure time of your flight for the boarding procedure if you are traveling with your pets.

For any further queries related to traveling with pets the Turkish Airlines, visit the airline's official website and go to the 'Travel with pets' page to know all the information about traveling with your pet on the plane.

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