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How can I change my flight with Cebu Pacific

Suppose you have your next booking with Cebu pacific airlines, and you have mistakenly booked a wrong date ticket or have decided to fly on some other date. In that case, you can easily rebook your flight using the various methods explained in this article.

If you wish to change their flight itinerary in regards to date, name, destination, seat, etc., how do I rebook my flight in Cebu Pacific airlines is an obvious question. You can rebook your flight through the online portal of the official website, via the customer care agent, or by visiting the airport counter of Cebu pacific airlines.

Flight rebooking policy of Cebu pacific airlines

Before you learn about the flight rebooking procedure, let's review some of the terms and conditions attached to your rebooking process with Cebu pacific airlines:

  • Flight rebooking with Cebu pacific airlines is free if it is done within 24 hours of making a reservation per the 24-hour risk-free flight change policy of Cebu pacific airlines. 

  • Depending on your ticket type, a flight change fee is imposed on the reservations that are changed after the 24-hour risk-free flight change period. 

  • The rebooking fee of Cebu pacific airlines is calculated on the basis of time left in departure, ticket type, condition, route, and your cabin. 

  • If your new flight fare of Cebu pacific exceeds the original flight fare amount, then the remaining value has to be paid by the passengers.

  • If you change the flight with a lesser fare difference than the original flight amount, Cebu Pacific will transfer the remaining value to your bank account. 

  • All the changes in your existing flight itinerary of the Cebu pacific are subject to availability with the airlines.

Flight rebooking procedure of Cebu pacific airlines

Passengers can change their flight details online via the official Cebu pacific airline's website or contact the agent via call or chat email. For now, refer to the below steps for changing a flight online, which is undoubtedly the most convenient yet quick process:

  1. Head to the official Cebu pacific airlines website using your default web browser. 

  2. Go to the 'manage' option from the top panel of 'book, manage, flight info, explore, about.' 

  3. Click on the 'manage booking' option from the below tab, and the manage booking window will appear on the next page. 

  4. Enter your booking reference number and last name or email address, then hit the manage booking button below. 

  5. Your flight information of Cebu pacific will appear on the following screen so locate the 'change/modify' button and click on it. 

  6. By following the prompted steps, you can make the required changes regarding your date, name, destination, time, seat, etc. 

  7. Finally, get through the payments page and make the required payment to get the updated tickets on your associated mailing ID.

If the flight rebooking option on the official website is not working out, you can contact the customer support agent and ask them to change your flight. Passengers can also visit the offline airport counter of Cebu pacific airlines and request the officials for the flight change.

Bottom line:

The information mentioned above will surely help you get a hold of the rebooking procedure with Cebu pacific airlines. If you are not satisfied or have any further questions, try to speak with the customer support executive. The Cebu pacific airlines customer service is active all day long on different contact modes available on the website.

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