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Learn to stop Facebook Messages from Popping up on a phone


Facebook account is extremely simple to use on the various device at a certain time using its certain user ID and password. It can help you to post your suitable messages, images, quotes, and other important information related to business at any time. If you are a regular user of an FB account, you might be showing POP-UP on your phone, and if you are getting so much irritated and wish to stop it soon, you can try the permanent solution and get rid of this issue for a longer time. It can be possible to do on the messenger where you can select the settings and ensure you can have an amazing trick to scroll down to the settings where you can find the POP-UP option and select the particular subject in the message you wish to stop accordingly.


How to stop Facebook Messages from Popping up on my phone


If you are required to stop Facebook Messages from Popping up on your phone, but you are not aware of such kind of issue, you can solve this issue soon by just making some important settings in your account.


Following are the ways to stop Facebook Messages from Popping up on the phone:

  • At first, launch an internet browser, visit the Facebook account sign-in website, and click on the log-in button to access your account.

  • Move to the next where you can find an update page showing a POP-UP message on your mobile screen, which you need to stop by just going to the settings.

  • Go to the messenger tab, select the settings tab showing on the page, and select the circle tab to select the new message you wish to stop.

  • It is necessary to select the disable option that will assist you in removing POP-UP messages on your mobile device and using your Facebook account without unnecessary messages.

Thus, if you don't know how to stop Facebook Messages from Popping up on my phone, you are always free to learn the fundamental trick you can apply to your phone and quickly stop this trouble.


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