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What to do if Qantas cancels the flight

Qantas always commits their passengers to get to their destination on time, but there may be some bad weather, natural disasters, or technical glitches that can be found. With this, Qantas needs to cancel or delay their flight ticket. As safety will always be the first priority for the passengers, Qantas tries to provide the best services. But passengers always ask what to do if Qantas cancels or delays the flight ticket, in that case, you can read further and get the details and requirements you need to do:


  • If you face the cancellation of delay by the Qantas within 72 hours of the departure. In that case, Qantas will re-book the latest available flight with no extra charges. 

  • Apart from re-booking, you can also get a full refund on your flight cancellation by Qantas.

  • If your flight is delayed more than 2 hours, you will get the meal and stay at the airport till the next flight is allotted to you.

  • If Qantas is unable to provide the net available flight to you, in that case, they will provide you a whole refund of your ticket.

  • If Qantas makes a significant change on the schedule departure and time and is unable to give you an alternative flight, you can ask for the full flight refund.

  • If your connecting flight is missed due to Qantas, you can get the full refund for the confirmed reservation on connecting flight.

To claim the refund on your canceled flight, you need to contact the Qantas customer service team and speak to someone at Qantas. You can ask Them is qantas refunding cancelled flights from them, and they will refund your money. You can find different contact ways to connect with the representative of Qantas like call, chat, email, or social media.


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