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Alaska Unaccompanied Minor | Policy | Fee & Age

Traveling with teenagers can be difficult, especially if they fly alone because they require more care. Alaska Airlines knows the issues of dads and moms and guardians when sending unaccompanied minors on their flights. This article aims to furnish complete facts about Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor, focusing on the charges worried and the age necessities for teenagers touring alone.

What is Alaska Airlines policy for unaccompanied minors?

Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minors policy permits kids to journey by themselves whilst making sure their protection and remedy during their journey. This provider is reachable on most Alaska Airlines flights, and the airline takes awesome care to make certain an easy ride for younger travelers.

How It Works:

When an infant visits alone, they are viewed as unaccompanied minors (UM). Alaska Airlines assigns a committed personnel member, recognized as a gate agent, to supervise the baby for the duration of their time at the airport and at some stage in the flight. The gate agent will remain with the infant till they are exceeded over to the exact person at their destination.

How much is the unaccompanied minor fee on Alaska Airlines?

While Alaska Airlines gives critical supervision for unaccompanied minors, there is a price related to this provider to cowl the extra help and care furnished to the younger traveler.

The Alaska unaccompanied minor fee is in addition to the kid's everyday airfare and is challenging to change, so it is critical to test the present-day charge at the time of booking. It is vital to notice that the unaccompanied minor rate might also fluctuate primarily based on the particular flight, route, and destination. Parents or guardians have to inquire about the charge when making the reservation to keep away from any surprises later on.

How old does a child have to be to fly alone on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines has particular age necessities for unaccompanied minors to make certain their protection and well-being throughout travel.

Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor age at which a baby can journey as an unaccompanied minor is usually 5 years old. Additionally, youth aged 5 to 7 years are normally solely allowed on nonstop or direct flights. They are no longer accepted to tour on connecting flights or flights that require a trade of aircraft.

Children aged eight to 12 years can journey on nonstop and connecting flights however are no longer eligible for Alaska Airlines non-compulsory Unaccompanied Minor Service. However, the carrier can be requested for a fee.


Alaska Airlines is familiar with the significance of ensuring a tightly closed and exceptional tour trip for unaccompanied minors. By supplying the Unaccompanied Minor Service, the airline presents reassurance to dads and moms, and guardians that their youngsters will be nicely taken care of at some point in their journey.

When planning a day out involving an Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor, be certain to take a look at the contemporary unaccompanied minor price and age necessities to make sure compliance with Alaska Airlines policy. Doing so, you can assist guarantee an easy and worry-free journey for the younger adventurer in your life.

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