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How do I talk to a WestJet agent?

Travelers who have booked WestJet airline reservation often encounter a query or an issue that needs to be handled. WestJet offers excellent customer service to help its customers. One can use the phone number or other forms of WestJet customer support, and the sections ahead speak on this topic in detail.

What kinds of customer service does WestJet offer?

WestJet has established various channels of customer service to simplify the process of contacting them. The contact details of all these customer service options can be accessed through the airline's official website.

  • WestJet Phone call
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media help
  • Email Support

Easy ways to talk to a WestJet live agent

Via Phone call:

  • Calling the voice department of WestJet is the traditional way of getting help from a live human agent.
  • One can retrieve the WestJet customer service phone number by clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of the airline's homepage.
  • Next, once the browser loads the new webpage, select the "Give us a call" menu and dial the appropriate WestJet contact number 1 (888) 937-8538.
  • The voice agent will answer the call after the prescribed waiting time.

Via Live Chat:

The live chat service is another platform through which one can connect to a live human WestJet agent. To start this session and talk to a WestJet agent via live chat, one can click "Start Chat" towards the bottom-right corner of the "Contact Us webpage. Doing so will open the chat box on the screen, and the chatbot will be the first to greet and connect the individual to a human representative. 

Via Social Media:

  1. WestJet is present on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where a person can directly message or tag their airline on a post to share or ask something.
  2. Facebook Messenger is yet another platform to chat with WestJet's live chat support.
  3. The links to these portals are present on the WestJet Contact Us page.

Via Email:

WestJet also maintains a customer service email address on which people can send descriptive emails that state their current issues and circumstances to get assistance. The WestJet customer service takes a few days to reply to an email. Consequently, one may use email customer support when they have ample time at their disposal.

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