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How Long Does Aegean Airlines Take to Refund?

How much time does Aegean Airlines take to return the money?

Suppose travelers have booked their flight tickets with Aegean, and suddenly they have canceled their flight tickets due to bad weather conditions. Every canceled ticket that has been canceled by the airline or by the passengers can be refunded under the Aegean Airlines refund policyTo know how much time the airline takes to return the refund, the passengers can wait up to three business days. Being the largest airline and travelers carrying aircraft, Aegean Airlines has facilities to give refunds to their passengers. 

Travelers can go through the policies that are rendered by the airline to stay away from minor blunders. The refund policies of the airline are as follows:

Refund policies of Aegean Airlines:

  • The first and most mandatory step is to cancel the flight tickets.
  • Under the 24 hours refund policy of Aegean, flights must be canceled within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund.
  • There will be no full refund if passengers have canceled them after a day of buying. The charges are deducted as cancelation charges.
  • The cancelation charges of the airline are according to the type of tickets booked, distance, and destination of the flight.
  • There will be no refund provided to the customers of Aegean if their flight tickets are non-refundable, lapsed, or used.
  • The flight can be canceled 24 hours before the departure time.

Steps to request for a refund:

If passengers need to go through the cancelation steps of Aegean Airlines, then they can go through the following points that are mentioned below:

  • Visit the official site of Aegean Airlines through any preferred web browser.
  • On the home screen, click on the ‘manage trip’ section. Enter the information required, like the passenger's last name and reservation number.
  • Tap on the ‘cancel ticket option,’ and the notification will be sent to the customers of Aegean Airlines.
  • Rush to the ‘refund link’ present on the airline's homepage. Fill out the credentials and submit the form to the airline.
  • Once the form is approved, passengers will be credited with the refunding amount on their account.


Suppose there are more issues regarding the refund policies or procedures of Aegean Airlines. In that case, travelers can contact the airline via Aegean Airlines customer service number uk for their customers from the United Kingdom. 

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