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How do i get my call back from Turbotax


Know about the callback feature of TurboTax


When you are willing to speak with the TurboTax customer service but are unable to get to them for any reason, then you can also make a request to the TurboTax for a callback. With the help of the callback option, you will be able to explain your issue freely and clear all your confusion. So the ways to make such a request have been written beneath the title.




Guide to getting a call back form TurboTax


If you have doubts about TurboTax, you can contact them and get the solution, but if you desire to request a call back from Turbotax, here is the option.


By call


With the help of a call also, you can make the request for a callback. As you have dialed the official number of TurboTax, then describe to them that right now you are not able to ask freely. So to call you back at the given time o you can choose the callback option, the IVR option.


  • Press1 to change the language

  • Press2 to know about the course

  • Press3 to know about the package 

  • Press 7 to get a callback

  • Press0 to speak with the customer service 


By chat


Beyond the call, you can also use the chat option to request the callback. And to find the chat opinion, use the points as a reference. 


  • In the first place, you have to use your web browser to open the official site of the TurboTax.

  • When the TurboTax web page opens, you have to log in.

  • After the login procedure, get to the menu icon, and you will find it on the right side of the tab.

  • Further, you'll find the customer service option; tap on that.

  • Now, the customer service page is open; then get on to the right corner of the page, and there you will find out the chat icon.

  • When you tap on the chat icon, you get connected to the customer service; mention your issue and request that they call back.

  • And to complete the callback request, you have to provide the callback time.


By social media 


You can also use the social media platform when all the possible ways mentioned above don't get you a callback. In order to get the information regarding the social media account, you have to visit the end surface of the web page and tap the icon of social media through which you wish to contact.




Hence this is all about the callback feature of the TurboTax but if none of the ways get your call back, then get the customer service directly, and if you think fit, then you can make the complaint regarding that also




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