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How would you troubleshoot fundamental Computer Related Problems


You can easily follow the basic troubleshooting steps without the help of an expert. You only need to make sure you have chosen the troubleshooting directions mentioned below. After that, you’ll be able to use your computer without any issues. You can go through the essential guide of troubleshooting below. The agent will be there to help you out after that. 

Basic troubleshooting guide:

In case you have a question, “How would you troubleshoot basic computer related problems?” Then you would be pleased to know that basic level troubleshooting is a piece of cake even for a layman. 

In case your computer has frozen: 

  • You would need to attempt to restart your computer. Many problems in your computer can quickly be resolved by continuing it if your computer has frozen.

  • You will need to check if all the plugs and cables are connected correctly to the computer. Even if one thread is loose, then even that can affect the performance of your computer.

If your monitor does not work:

In case there is nothing visible on your monitor. Then go through the information below: 

  • Ensure that the monitor and the computer are both switched On. 

  • Check the connection of the monitor with the computer. It should be properly plugged in. 

  • There can be a case where all the cables are correctly plugged in. But the brightness and the contrast of the screen are at the lowest level because nothing is visible. Once you fix the intelligence and the contract, your query will be resolved.

If your keyboard and the mouse is not working:

  • Check if the keyboard and the mouse are connected correctly to the computer you’re using. 

  • In case even after that following the step given above you’re not able to use the keyboard and mouse. Then try to unplug and replug the connection in your computer.

If your computer is running slow: 

If your computer is running slow, then you would need to free up the disk space. That is certainly going to put less pressure on the RAM of your computer.

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