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कैसे पता करे की SMPS/PSU ठीक से काम कर रहा है या नही..? How to Check if a Computer SMPS/PSU is Working or Not


मेरा Computer Start नही हो रहा है... मरा एक Electrician दोस्त बताया की , सायद SMPS/PSU (Switch mode power supplies)  इन Power Supply Unit ख़राब हो गया होगा ... 

लेकिन समस्या ये की हम कैसे पता करे की मेरा SMPS/PSU ठीक से काम कर रहा या नही .. कृपया हमारी मदद करे ...



SMPS ( Switched Mode Power Supply ) , the power supplier to Motherboard and all other components is the main part of a CPU. How do you know when your computer stops working on a sudden and whether it is the complaint of SMPS or not?

It is very easy to check smps problem. You can check with a piece of power code ( wire) or with multimeter. Use which ever is available with you.


Unplug smps or PSU. Disconnect all PSU leads to motherboard and drives. Leave at least one fan directly connected to 4-pin molex connector of PSU.

Now, on the 20 or 20+4 pin main ATX power connector, short the pin with GREEN wire (PS-ON) to any adjacent pin with BLACK wire. This process makes the power supply turn ON once plugged to AC main.

Plug the power supply to AC main. PSU fan and connected fan should rotate. You can now test with a multimeter. Here are the voltages:
YELLOW wire= +12VDC
RED wire= +5VDC
Voltage readings must be within +/-5% of above values.

Source: Personal experience with my 11 power supply units ranging from 325W to 700W.
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Step 1 – Unplug Power Connections.

The first step is to do is unplug all the power connection to the computer and make sure your computer is turned off completely.

Step 2 – Open Computer Case.

Open your computer case by removing some of screws at the left side of computer case. You’ll only need to remove only one side of case:

Step 3 – Unplug PSU Connection.

Unplug all the connection from the PSU (SMPS) to all internal hardware devices. Most of connections contain clip attachment so make sure you lose the clip before removing any connection.

Make sure your SMPS/PSU isn’t connected to anything from inside:

Name of all connections to remove:-

  1. 24 Pin ATX From Motherboard.
  2. 4 Pin ATX From Processor.
  3. SATA Power Connector From Hard Disk Or DVD-R/W.
  4. 4-6 Pin Power Connector From Graphic Card (If Attached).

Step 4– Make A Shorting Wire.

After the SMPS connection was removed, make a “U” shape of metal wire or you can use a paper clip by bending it to a “U” shape and that will helps us to short our PSU to test, its working or not.

Step 5 – Test The SMPS.

First find the 20 or 24 pin ATX connector from your SMPS (obviously the bigger one) and after that locate the green and black wire connection. You don’t get confuse because there is only one green wire available in that whole socket.

After finding the connection, attach the power cord to the SMPS and insert the metal wire into the green and black wire connector and short the circuit and that will allow us to test our SMPS/PSU is working or not.

If the SMPS fan runs perfectly without any of lags and stoppage that mean your SMPS is working fine. If your fan doesn’t move or maybe move for just a sec and then stops that mean you have a faulty SMPS by your side and you’ll need a replacement.

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