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How to Start a SMPS Without a Motherboard


Hello Everyone please give me answers how to Check SMPS without motherboard?




Have you ever wondered how to start a SMPS without the motherboard. It might require to start the SMPS without the motherboard, for troubleshooting your SMPS or to add an extra SMPS to your system.We can start a SMPS without a motherboard using a Paper Clip. This tutorial shows you how to remove SMPS and test it.


1) Open your computer's casing:- Be sure that your computer is completely turned off prior to starting. Remove the screws that are present in the side panel of your computer. You need to remove only one side of the panel.

2) Remove the connections from the SMPS to all the peripherals of your computer:- Please note that some connections contains a clip attached to it. Make sure to remove the clips before you remove your connections.

3) With your SMPS removed, take a paper clip and bent it in a shape of 'U' shape.

4) Find the 24 pin connector from your SMPS (obviously it is the bigger connector from SMPS):- Try to locate green and black wire. Please note, that there will be one green wire and many black wires. You can select any black wire you want.

5) Insert one end of the bent paper clip into the green terminal and the other end to the black terminal.

6) Turn on the SMPS with the wire inserted:- The SMPS should be running now. If it does not turn ON, insert the paper clip firmly and try once more. If still your SMPS didn't turn ON, your SMPS might be faulty.

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