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Checking a checkbox with jQuery?


I'd like to do something like this to tick a checkbox using jQuery:




Does such a thing exist?

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  • B Butts



jQuery 1.6+

Use the new .prop() function:

$('.myCheckbox').prop('checked', true);
$('.myCheckbox').prop('checked', false);

jQuery 1.5.x and below

The .prop() function is not available, so you need to use .attr().

$('.myCheckbox').attr('checked', true);
$('.myCheckbox').attr('checked', false);

Note that this is the approach used by jQuery's unit tests prior to version 1.6 and is preferable to using


since the latter will, if the box was initially checked, change the behaviour of a call to .reset() on any form that contains it - a subtle but probably unwelcome behaviour change.

For more context, some incomplete discussion of the changes to the handling of the checkedattribute/property in the transition from 1.5.x to 1.6 can be found in the version 1.6 release notes and the Attributes vs. Properties section of the .prop() documentation.

Any version of jQuery

If you're working with just one element, you can always just modify the HTMLInputElement's .checked property:

$('.myCheckbox')[0].checked = true;
$('.myCheckbox')[0].checked = false;

The benefit to using the .prop() and .attr() functions instead of this is that they will operate on all matched elements.

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  •  Gul Hafiz
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  • G John

$(".myCheckbox").attr('checked', true); // Deprecated
$(".myCheckbox").prop('checked', true);

And if you want to check if a checkbox is checked or not:

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  • G John

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