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How to restrict the selectable date ranges in Bootstrap Datepicker?


I need to use a datepicker which provides me with an option of restricting the selectable dates. We had been using jQuery UI which used to support it using minDate, maxDate options.

$("#id_date").datepicker({minDate: +1, maxDate: '+1M +10D'}); 

Recently we started using Twitter Bootstrap for our styles. And apparently, Twitter Bootstrap is incompatible with jQuery UI styles. So I tried using one of the bootstrap compatible datepickers available at http://www.eyecon.ro/bootstrap-datepicker/.

Unfortunately, the above plugin is not as configurable as jQuery UI's datepicker. Can anyone help me out with restricting the selectable date ranges in the new datepicker.



The Bootstrap datepicker is able to set date-range. But it is not available in the initial release/Master Branch. Check the branch as 'range' there (or just see at https://github.com/eternicode/bootstrap-datepicker), you can do it simply with startDate and endDate.


    startDate: '-2m',
    endDate: '+2d'


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  • G John

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