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Write short notes on FTP and TELNET ?


Write short notes on FTP and TELNET ?



FTP. file transfer protocol (FTP) is a standard internet protocol for transmitting files between computers on the internet. FTP is commonly used to transfer web page files from their creator to the computer that acts as their server for everyone on the internet. It is also commonly used to download programs and other files to your computer from other servers.

TELNET. telnet is a network protocol which allows the user to get connected to other hosts via remote login. telnet remote login is widely sed for file sharing.

One can then easily browse the host’s machine and can download or upload files from/to the host. It works on a standard port number – 23.

telnet allows the user to get access to any remote host machine through remote login.

Using this protocol, one can access the remote computer as his/her own computer.

The main advantage of using telnet is that the user can make changes related to system which is not possible in any other method. All type of resources can be shared.

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both are the application layer protocol. They are connection oriented protocols as they create a connection between remote host and a server. AS name File Transfer Protocol, FTP is used for transferring the files from one system to another system. and TELNET is used for remote login for a system.

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