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In how many ways can we access the internet ?


In how many ways can we access the internet ?



ISP's provide internet in the following forms:

  1. Dial -up Connection: Its use a telephone line or a computer to dial into and ISP a modem attached to computer. The ISP helps establish a modem to modem link, which is then routed to the internet. The user is connected temporarily to the internet through any service provider.
  2. Broadband Connection: It is a high speed internet access. Broadband connectivity doesn't even disturb the telephone use. Its carries both voice and data over a single wire. Voice user the lower end of frequency spectrum while the data use the higher end. The same telephone line is thus, split in two separate channels. Broadband connection are measured in mbps (megabits of data per sound ). 
    Broadband service is available in three ways.
    • cable modem: It is the same connection that delivers cables. TV It is fast and reliable.
    • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): It use an existing phone line but line for voice call remains separate.
    • Satellite: It is use where cable modem and DSL broadband technologies are not available. It is slow and can be interrupted by bad weather. It is slow and can be interrupted by bad weather.
  3. Wireless Internet Connection: It involves the use of technologies such as Wi- Fi, WiMAX and satellites. The wireless technology uses radio or microwaves for transmission of data.
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there are many different ways :



Mobile Network

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