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How are files downloaded ? Give some guidelines for safe downloads.


how are files downloaded?



downloading is transmitting data or their remote computer to a local computer. Downloading enables users to save files on their own computers. These files are downloaded using FTP (file transfer Protocol).

We can also use HTTP to download files from the web.

From the internet client/user’s point of views, to download a file is to request is from another computer or form a web page on another computer and then receive or retrieve it.

some guidelines for safe downloads.

While downloading any file close all the application that are running on your computer, let only on set-up file run at a time of downloading close all the important applications in order to be safe if something goes wrong while downloading set firewalls, and antivirus to actively scan all the files you download.

Scan all the files after you download whether from websites or links received form e-mails. Always use updated antivirus, spam filter and spyware to help detect and remove virus, spyware from the application you want to download.

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There are different formats of files : for mp4 and mp3 there is an app called snaptube

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