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How can I Talk to a Live Person at Microsoft Customer Service?

Microsoft is a technology company. Mainly known for the Windows operating system or Microsoft Office or Microsoft word. And while using it if you have any problem, you can sort that out by speaking with the live person. So if you require help reaching out to customer service, then use the options written below.

Contact by call

Resolving the doubt by calling customer service might be the best option. Because there, you will be able to get into the details of your issue easily and comply with the steps needed. And the Microsoft customer service phone number is 1 (800) 642-7676, or follow the steps to get the number from the official page.

  • First, you must get to Microsoft's official page by using the web browser.

  • You will have to select the contact Microsoft option from the web page, which is located at the foot of the page.

  • After this, you will get the call icon; click on that.

  • On the next page, you will have the phone number of Microsoft. Dial and approach the customer service team.

Contact by Get help app

While dialing the number, if you didn't find the customer service team of Microsoft, then you can use the get help app for that. This is an app of Microsoft to resolve the doubt of its consumers. And to use this, you must download it from the app store. When you open the app, you will get connected with virtual assistance, and there you have to type and talk to a human. Now, you can resolve your doubt through the live person.

So, when you get into this title, you will have the Microsoft phone number and app through which you can easily reach them.

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