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Considerations You Should Take Into Account Before Your UPSC

Since our first step in academic life, we get tested on our abilities, skills, intellectual aspects, and understanding. As the years pass, these exams get tougher and tougher just to prepare us for the next curriculum until we get into our colleges.

Speaking of exams, there is no exam as challenging as the UPSC Exam. Your Academic skills and personality isn't the only thing that matters for this exam. Passing this exam requires a lot of dedication, hardworking, personal traits, technical & general knowledge, ability to handle pressure, and sheer determination. UPSC is the most challenging exam in India, if not worldwide. In this article, we will discuss the things you should consider before your UPSC Exam.

The Eligibility 

This is your topmost priority when it comes to the UPSC Exam. However, just like other competitive exams in many of our careers, UPSC also has Eligibility criteria that you must fulfill before you even consider taking preparations and practice essay test series for the most significant and most challenging exam this world has ever had seen.

The UPSC test entry requirements include that the applicant must be a postgraduate and have got to the age of 21. There is also a maximum age requirement and a cap on the number of changes depending on the participant's classification. The helps meet OBC, SC, ST, and PH applicants to apply despite the maximum age being 32 years.

Procedure for your preparation

We all have a certain approach when preparing for our exams and semester. Over the years, we have stuck to that procedure as we adopted it during our early years. However, with UPSC, the procedure for your preparation is whole another ball of the game, be it for general preparation or preparation for essay test series.

Before beginning the preparatory work, one must first demonstrate his worth and question oneself what improvements one can make as an IAS member. The strategy of a contender does not have to be huge, but it should be compelling enough to distinguish him from the other contenders. Answers to obvious questions will offer a candidate an advantage over the other candidates in the individual interview.

Always be updated with the UPSC news

It's always a good idea to keep a strong eye on something that is your dream. It benefits you a long way when you are well-updated on the notifications or specific changes that may occur at the last minute. You certainly wouldn't like to be the one to be into a terrifying hassle just because you weren't followed up well enough on the news.

Every year, the UPSC issues announcements with all of the test's specifics, including the exam cost, issue date, plan, schedule, complete curriculum, and more.

The UPSC announces the Civil Services Test a year in advance so that individuals who applied to sit for the exam can plan ahead of time and ensure they have enough time to manage the UPSC Curriculum.

Recent year papers

It is always advised not only UPSC applicants but students of every stream of every part of education to always check the question papers of previous years, especially if it's your first time sitting for an examination of such a high calibre. The more you check and practice the previous year's questions, the better understanding you get of the question patterns and mannerisms, especially in the essay test series.

It makes a huge distinction to go over and solve UPSC prior year's model questions. Examine UPSC Prior Years' Study Material and check the sort of questions presented in the prelims test before beginning your study. Note down what you notice while reviewing the model question, such as the kind of questions posed, the weighting assigned to empirical and abstract questions, the structure of the queries, and so on, since this will aid you in answering past years' model questions and taking the mock exams. Applicants who take this strategy gain expertise in anticipating questions that the UPSC may offer in the early rounds or mains exam.



UPSC is the most challenging exam for a reason. But if you dream that you wish to achieve and you have the dedication to back it up, these points, as mentioned above, will help you, especially if you practice the essay test series.

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