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How many bags can you bring on Hawaiian Airlines?

When you know about the baggage policy, then it will help you take the necessary things on the trip and save you from the unwanted charge. And the Hawaiian Airlines baggage is as follows.

  • You can take up to one personal item and carry-on baggage for free. And the diameter of the carry-on baggage should be 115 centimeters.
  • The carry-on baggage must fit in the cabin or under your seat.
  • If you carry the checked baggage on the domestic flight, you have to pay for that, but for the international flight, you can take up to two checked bags.
  • When your baggage exceeds the prescribed size or weight, you must pay for that to travel with it.
  • And the standard size of checked baggage is 157 centimeters, including the length, breadth, and height, and the weight is 23 kg.

How many bags can you bring to Hawaiian Airlines?

When you have made the reservation on Hawaiian Airlines, you are allowed to carry up to ten pieces of baggage. And for each baggage allowed by the airline, you have to pay for it. And this condition might vary according to your tickets, so for the confirmation, you should speak with customer support, and they will let you know about the detailed information. 

How much do you have to pay for excess baggage on Hawaiian Airlines?

When carrying the excess baggage with Hawaiian Airlines, you have to pay the charge according to the destination of your flight. When you are taking a flight to a nearby island, then, for each excess baggage, you have to pay $50, but when you have booked a flight to North America, then you have to pay $100 for your excess baggage. Thus, if you have made a reservation on an international flight, you are allowed to carry two checked baggage and the excess fee, in this case, is around $150.

How much does Hawaiian Airlines charge for overweight baggage

On Hawaiian Airlines, you can take 23kg of checked baggage, but when you exceed that limit, you have to pay the overweight charge to carry it. When your baggage weight is between 24kg to 32kg, you have to pay $50; if you are taking a flight to or from North America, Korea, Japan, etc., and for the nearby island, you have to pay only around $35. And baggage exceeding 33 kg is not accepted if you are taking the flight or going to Australia, and the baggage weight of 46 kg is not accepted for any destination. But if the baggage weight is between 33 kg to 46kg, then you have to pay around $70-$200.

What is Hawaiian Airlines' fee for oversized baggage 

When you have complied with the policy but your dimension if your baggage exceeds, then after paying the amount, you can also take it.

  • If you take the neighboring flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you pay around $35.
  • And when you are taking the North American flight, you have to pay $100 for the dimension.
  • While taking the international flight, if you have exceeded the dimensions, you have to pay $150.
  • And when the baggage dimension exceeds 206 centimeters overall, you might not be allowed to take it on the flight.

Moreover, when you read this article, then you have sufficient information regarding the baggage policy of Hawaiian Airlines. And if there is any confusion in its policy or have doubts, then talk to someone at Hawaiian Airlines, and they will help you throughout and give the appropriate solution.

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