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What is the Date Change Policy of Cebu Pacific


Often passengers are not sure about their plans, and after they confirm reservations, they want to make changes to their bookings. There are some force changes like changes due to any health issue, change in weather, or any other reasons. In these cases, the date change option is beneficial. Many airlines provide this option, and Cebu Pacific airlines are one. They allow their passenger to make changes in the reservation after the confirmed reservation. If you have complete information on this, it is good, but if you want to know the complete procedure, you need to read below.

Steps you need to follow for making changes:

  • First, go to the official website of Cebu Pacific Airlines in any preferred web browser.

  • Next, you need to select the option to manage bookings.

  • After this, fill out the information of the last name of the passenger and reference number.

  • Now your bookings are open; you need to select the bookings in which you need to make changes.

  • After this, click the to date option, make changes according to your plan, and click to save changes.

  • Further, see if you need to pay any charges for this or not. If the charges are available, pay them with a credit card or other online modes.

  • At last, you will get the confirmation message of making changes in the date on your given contact number and registered email id.

Date change policies of Cebu Pacific are mentioned below. 

  • If passengers want to make changes to the date within 24 hours of booking, they will not need to pay any charges. They can do it free of cost.

  • The flight ticket is booked through an official representative of Cebu Pacific airlines then the passenger needs to contact them.

  • If less than seven days are left on the boarding date, and then passengers want to change in date at that time, they will have to pay a changing fee, which will be according to your seat type.

  • In case of any medical emergency happens to the passenger after the booking. They need to show their medical certificate to the airlines' officials, and After they are eligible to make changes free of cost.

  • The changing flight fee depends upon the date of the changing flight and the time left on the boarding date. 

With the help of above mention ways, the passenger will be able to know the process Of  how can i change my name on cebu pacific. Suppose the passenger still has any queries about their reservations, they can contact Cebu Pacific Airlines' official representative.


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