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The best places for whale watching in Cabo

No matter the location, whale watching is a unique and unforgettable experience. The majesty of these creatures makes it easy to see why people love taking boat tours to go watch them in their natural habitats.

Cabo San Lucas offers some of the best places for whale watching in Cabo (Mexico). A great time to watch whales is during Cabo whale watching season 2022. Be careful where you stand when watching the whales though. These large beasts weigh over eleven tons and can crush you under their weight if they come on land.

The best place to watch whales in Cabo San Lucas are:

-Palmilla Beach: 

Palmilla Beach is a great place to get away from the bustle of downtown Cabo. It's peaceful and quiet, which makes it an excellent option for anyone who wants to enjoy watching these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. In fact, you can choose to stay at the best Cabo resorts online - Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa that is located in the outskirts of Cabo San Lucas, this all-inclusive resort in Mexico has some of the most stunning views from the balcony of the luxurious rooms. It's a great place not only for family vacations but also for whale watching because it offers fantastic views. There are huge swimming pools, a spa center, 24 hours service, tempting food,  and a lively party scene.  It's one of the best resorts for families and it has plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained during their stay.

- The Arch of Cabo: 

The Arch of Cabo is a must if you want to see whales. The water crashes against the rocks, creating a spectacular setting that makes whale watching all the more enjoyable.  It is  considered the best place in Cabo San Lucas for whale watching. 

- Land's End: 

Land's End is not only one of the most scenic spots in Cabo, but it also offers fantastic whale watching opportunities. The rocks make for excellent photo ops and the waves are beautiful to watch. There are multiple viewing areas along the cliff to enjoy watching the whales in their natural habitat. 

- The Humpback Whale Tail:

This is one of Cabo's most unique landmarks and it offers excellent whale watching opportunities. It offers an up close look at these beautiful creatures in their element, so be sure to bring your camera during whale watching Mexico season!

- Cabo Pulmo National Park:

Located 90 minutes from San Jose del Cabo, this is a protected marine park that will make your trip memorable. It's not only a great place for divers, but it also has some of the best whale watching spots in all of Cabo.

- Rancho Leonero:

Located just on the outskirts of Cabo San Lucas on Highway 19, this ranch offers some of the best views on the outskirts of Cabo. It's a beautiful ranch, so it's worth spending some time there to see the sights outside of the city before you come back in for more exploration.

- The Cape San Lucas: 

Not only is this a popular diving spot, but it also offers excellent whale-watching opportunities. It's always recommended to see these creatures in their natural habitat, so taking a boat tour of the area is one of the best ways to do it.

- Cerritos Beach:

Cerritos Beach has plenty of great things to offer, such as beautiful vistas and wildlife. It's said to be one of the best places for whale watching in all of Mexico, so it should definitely be on your list.

- El Arco:

El Arco is another popular spot among Cabo tours because of its spectacular views and perfectly located rocks. The waves are spectacular to look at and it's a great place to see the arch above.


-Coves of Coasts: 

This is a popular tourist spot with plenty of activities to offer. It's an especially popular place for whale watching, which you can do from the shore or from a boat tour.

-Cabo del Sol: 

For those who want to see whales from the comfort of their own resort, Cabo del Sol offers great whale watching from the beach. In addition to that, Cabo del Sol also has a luxury spa with a Jacuzzi and sauna for those who want to relax after a long day of exploring Cabo San Lucas.

-Cabo San Lucas Bay:

Though there aren't any tours offered here, it's still one of the best places in Cabo to see whales from the shore. The beach is wide enough to have a great view, so it's definitely worth checking out!



Whether you are staying in Cabo San Lucas, or just visiting for an all- inclusive vacations Mexico, there are several places where you can take advantage of whale watching. The best time to watch whales is during the gray whale migration, which runs from December to April. During this time, you'll be able to see them as they migrate north and south between their breeding and feeding grounds. Whale watching season lasts all year round.


 Throughout the year,  you can see all sorts of whales like the Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, and Orca. Whale watching mexico season is a popular activity among tourists because you can find some of the best spots from various boat tours or from the shore itself.

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