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KLM customer representative on WhatsApp

If the passenger faces any problem, they can connect with the airline on whatsapp. When the passenger connects with the airline representative on whatsapp, they can get the solutions to their problems within a few seconds. To use the KLM whatsapp, you have to follow the steps:

  • Go to the official website of KLM. 

  • Click on the contact section. 

  • Go down and select whatsapp. 

  • You have to scan the QR code of whatsapp, or you have to click on the link you will get in touch with the KLM representative. 

  • You can share all the queries on whatsapp, and they will provide the solution to your issues within a few seconds.  

How to request a call back from KLM?

If the passenger request a call back from KLM, they can press the IVR command, and the airline will call them back as soon as possible. Passengers can also use other communication methods and place a request for a callback. The representative will give you a call back from the airline as soon as possible. After that, they can share all the queries with them and give you a solution to your issue. 


When the passenger is not able to connect with whatsapp, they can connect with the airline representative via other communication methods. 

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