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Which is top online agricultural marketplace portal in India?


is it any agricultural marketplace portal in India , and  Which is top online agricultural marketplace portal in India , write down top marketplace name here



Yes! vitthalwadi.com is a free online marketplace for Indian farmers  here you can sell and buy any kind of agriculture related product say from seed to machinery to plants to pesticides. In this website you can create an account with email Id and sell and buy agriculture  products and equipment tools  and it’s free.


  • answered 3 years ago
  • Amarjeet Verma


Agrimax Bihar

Agrimax Bihar is the best Top 10, No 1, Agricultural Implements, Machine Manufacturer, Suppliers and Marketing  & Exporters,  Applicable with Government Subsidy in Darbhanga, Bihar, Patna, India. Ma Shyama Agro Industries, Ma Durga Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

Maa Shyama Agro Industries is offering a superior range of agricultural machines to clients across various domestic markets. We are committed to meet the demand of our clients especially with regards to small implements. Our products like Cono-weeder, Dry land weeder (wheel hoe) and Paddy drum seeder have catched the attention of farmers of Gujrat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and other North-East States.

AGRIMAX-BIHAR, Biada Industrial Estate, Plot No. 37-61 P. Behind Cotton Mill, Pandaul-847234, Madhubani(Bihar)
Contact : 91-09204655800 91-09431870000 91-0920465801, 91-09263184981
Email :info@agrimaxbihar.com
Website :www.agrimaxbihar.com


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  • Sunny Solu

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